At an early age, she sang at parties and did neighborhood Church services such as weddings, funerals and cantoring  at  mass.   She was in Glee Club and A Capella in high school and took lessons from her high school’s very own singing Nun, Sr. Rosemarie.  

Sharon lived in Ireland for a time where she saw first- hand the spirit, the love, the courage and the loyalty of the Irish people. Upon her return home to America she studied with Harry Huen in Aurora and the well known and respected Lyric Opera Coloratura, Eileen Deneen at the American Conservatory of Music in Chicago.

A recent visit to loved ones in Ireland has rekindled her deep desire to express herself in the true Irish Tradition.  She continues to enjoy making music in the Chicagoland area and is available for all manner of religious services and special events.

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Classically trained and Chicago born, Sharon received her first singing experience  at the knee of her Irish born Mother.  She remembers her Mother telling this story. 

Sharon had just started first grade and had been asked or perhaps told by the Mother Superior to sing in all the classrooms up to and including the 8th grade.  The tune was "Molly Malone." After singing the Mother Superior would say "Now that is the way you sing a song."  It didn't seem to bother Sharon a bit to do just what came naturally.  Being little of course, you couldn't say "No" to a Nun, a least not back then.

Those who hear Sharon sing remark:

"...a majestic voice."

" are so talented."

"...your singing is absolutely beautiful."